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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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targeting parks -- pockets of stubborn unemployment, communities that have been promised jobs and who have not received them. lastly, we know that it's shorter commutes, reducing global warming conditions, and impacting our environment, this legislation will be for next wednesday. there is a 12:00 hearing that will start, and a look forward to committee participation, and others have participated in this effort, as well. madam clerk: thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor maxwell? supervisor maxwell: i just wanted to comment on supervisor avalos. i do not think he left any rock
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unturned. this is a very, very difficult issue. if it was not, we would not need to be here. it's good faith was all that we needed, we would have done a long time ago, and i want to think supervisor -- thank supervisor avalos. madam clerk: supervisor mirkarimi, you wanted to be referred? supervisor mirkarimi: yes, i wanted to let supervisor maxwell. first, i wanted to create a single emission's pass for all of the recreation and parks department. this pass would be good for one day. the japanese tea garden and botanical gardens. it would have resident and
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nonresident rates that would provide a few dollars' savings, and it would require all contracts or grant agreements to collect entrance fees and authorize this at recreation and park facilities, that it be approved by the commission. until now, there is no process that requires that each of the board of supervisors or the recreation and park commission be given that authority for approving the particular agreement. we would like to see a process of sunshine instituted so that this is now being instituted and held accountable. next, i am submitting an ordinance for amending the re- entry console. it has been doing extremely well. they have distributed more than 13,000 copies of its getting out and staying out of the
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criminal justice resources system guide. jails and prisons. they will finalize the reentry strategic report december 7. they will convene a statewide network this january to help other areas learned from the san franciscans success. more than any other city or county in california, based on our great work. with that, i am changing part of this, and the amendment would affect the department of youth and family. it also clarifies the role of
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probation. the adult probation department would provide administrative support. i have spoken with a chief from adult probation, who has done amazing work with hitting the ground running and has modernized the impact. this is before us. next, i am also submitting a legislative request to the city attorney to establish an adaptation policy with the city. the policy to be drafted in proposed for an intercity taskforce. it has been led by the mayor's office, it included the department of public works, ddi, we development, port, parks, mta, public utilities commission, and other relevant departments -- dbi, redevelopment.
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with the rise of sea level over the next century, including our oceanside, and developing recommendations, the city administrator would be asked to consult with agencies with per view over san francisco bay -- with purview over san francisco bay. it will be submitted to the board of supervisors, and hopefully this will become official policy, since none exists right now in the city and county of san francisco. next, i am submitting a hearing request on the kate kashkari recycling center. -- on the haight-ashbury recycling center. this is a long standing institution, and the perspective each of this institution. there are a number of communities who have some strong
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opinions about the status of this recycling center and its future. the rest i will submit. supervisor -- madam clerk date you, supervisor mirkarimi -- madam clerk: thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd will submit. supervisor campos? supervisor campos will submit. supervisor?
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supervisor: this is in my district in chinatown. there is a historic parking garage that has been an incredible asset of the community. it was in danger of having its lease ended, and i want to thank the recreation and park department as well as the community for working together to come up with an understanding of a multi-year lease to move them forward. and i will be submitted other items. madam clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor maxwell? supervisor maxwell: i am submitting two things dealing with the commission. the puc is being commended on the community benefits program and working toward the adoption of greater integration. the sec and urges -- the second
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urges the puc to replace a treatment facility and to move forward with that project expeditiously. it also includes language developed in partnership with community advocates that highlights the importance of making decisions related to the facility and adherence to environmental standards. both of these resolutions will be the substance of the hearing on december 6 at land use. also, i am calling for a hearing on the current effort to update the energy resource plan. staff, along with a very committed group of stakeholders, is moving very close to a draft of that document, and it will be useful to obtain a status update on their work. and lastly, as you may have heard, disconnect the east bay to the san francisco peninsula
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-- this is to connect the east bay to the san francisco peninsula. we believe that the final outstanding piece -- this is located in a neighborhood. this is not a cause to celebrate early when hearing good news, but this is clearly a major step forward for all who have fought and pushed for so long for the outdated power plants in san francisco. we are also eagerly tracking projects, which are expected to be completed by the end of the year. there is the closure of the potrero plant. supervisor: fred was a new
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yorker and for many years the only teacher at harvey milk university. providing a haven for lgbt students, and fred died after battling liver cancer this past monday, and fred has lived with aids for nearly 30 years. the harvey milk school, named for a supervisor or a colleague, was established and supported by the board education, and he volunteered to teach the incoming class who gathered in april 1985 at a church in greenwich village, and later, the school moved. back then, it was an old-time country school, where everything was jumbled, from science, english, mathematics, and language. what was most unique was the
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students themselves, many of which who were throwing young people, who had been abused in their homes or threatened with violence and who had come to new york city and some of whom were homeless in were able to come to a school to be nurtured and supported -- and were able to come to school to be nurtured and supported. he changed the direction of the lives of these and other people who have come to the school. in recent years, the school has received full accreditation in the new york city school system. i am also submitting an in memoriam for the member of the san francisco police department. he rose through the ranks and retired as a captain in 1997. he was known for his love of vintage vehicles and spent every day of his retirement
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refurbishing cars. he was a football fan, and he is survived by his best friend and former wife, his son, his daughter, and three grandchildren, who will miss him greatly. madam clerk: thank you, supervisor dufty. unless i have missed anyone? mr. president, that ends the roll call introduction. president chiu: close to 3:00, i would like to move to another section, so we will have some public comment. first speaker, please. first, i need to ask if you would like to say anything about public comment? madam clerk: think you, mr. president. public, is a time for members of the public to directly address the board of items of interest
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to the public better with in the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, including items being considered today -- not been considered by a board committee and excluding items which a big considered by a board committee. president chiu: thank you. first speaker. >> [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentlemen, my name is -- i am here to tell every one of you happy holiday and happy thanksgiving. i wish to remind our supervisors as i asked them last week about the poor people who need turkeys. one person at a birthday. as you see in my letter. today, she is becoming 50 your
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-- year old. i asked her about coming to san francisco. i can give her the key issue except to be mayor. she knows more than gavin newsom. i know that we need someone like her. i wish him good luck. everyone who asks must shake hands with other. happy new year. supervisor, getting turkeys and delivering them to the homeless.
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we buy turkey for the homeless, and someone take it for themselves. i want to thank those for giving the children of my city gifts and toys. [bell] thank you, and happy holidays. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> do not give money to the foundation, and do not take money from the foundation. there are the full dimensions of the scandal. you may remember that plagiary 2010 was the month to remodel all of the branch libraries -- you may remember that january 2010 was the month.
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that program " was little over half finished and over budget substantially and still growing. what has happened in the 10 years of public financing? there are a private meeting opportunities with no accountability. since the year 2000, the fund- raisers have had total income of over $31 million. during the same period, the same donations to libraries were $3.10 million. last year, it was only 6.5%. the richer they get, the less they need to donate to the library. actually, last year, contributions dropped from 4000 $98,000. -- $498,000.
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the increase in the payroll was more than the total donation to the library. the executive director's salary went up 19% from $178,000 212% to -- to $212,000. if you ever looked for an example of how private interest for its public policy, the library would have to be the worst example. that is why i always say the allies cost more than the money. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. walter paulson. here is my bobblehead of the mayor, the new lieutenant governor. he autographed it there.
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he is going to have to do better. ♪ have i told you lately that i love you and your city have i told you there is no one else of love you you feel my heart with gladness put away all my budget city's sadness and mental health madness ease my budget troubles -- that is what you do the morning sun in all its glory it makes the city hall a never- ending story there is the city that is defined and it is yours and it is mine at the end of the day, you should give thanks and praise to the city board who does all the work have i told you lately that i love you have i told you there is no one
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else of of you you fill my city hard with gladness take away all my mental health budget sadness ease my city budget troubles that's what you do ♪ supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> he is such an inspiration. i have some cute songs, too, but i do not have the guts to put myself out there like that. i think time is of the essence in picking a mayor here. i really do. why procrastinate? the mayor did a good job here, and we are sorry to see him go. we are going to get another mayor, and i think time is of the essence. let's choose one now. thank you. supervisor chiu: i just want to
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remind the public that we will have several opportunities for folks to comment on the succession scenario, and you are welcome to, now, but there will be several opportunities. last speaker please. >> supervisors, i have important information i want to bring to you. i went before the police commission about six months ago when they came to our community to give a report, and the issue was dealing with security companies in san francisco, and licensed -- on license -- unlicensed security companies in said but cisco, and we were promised we would have a meeting to address the difference between security guards and
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security officers -- companies in san francisco. we contacted the state, but they have limited jurisdiction. it seems like san francisco has limited jurisdiction. what i'm hoping from this body or the public safety committee is we need a hearing. we need to bring the san francisco police department to speed toward how we regulate security companies. are we seeing there is a green light for security companies while we are talking about the entertainment commission and all these events and stuff getting wild, but one of the problems is we do not get -- we do not look closely at who is securing the events, the clubs, the festival's -- festivals. i'm hoping we can get to the bottom of who is watching these security companies.
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i know in the state, they have a committee that deals with public security on the state level, but they do not even know pretty much what is going on with these security companies, and we have plenty of companies going back and forth, dealing with the housing complex. in our area, safeway, king's security, which we have filed many complaints over over the years, and we have heard nothing. thank you. supervisor chiu: any other public comments? >> supervisors, my name is francisco da costa. at the onset, i think you should give us, the constituents of san francisco, at least those who want to express themselves 3 minutes. i do not know if this bogus thing of two minutes continues, but you need to give us three minutes. yesterday, i was at the land use committee, and i want to commend
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the supervisors who were there for allowing us to have a good dialogue, and for once, now, i can see this city is interested in child care and good housing for our students. having said that, supervisors, i have been monitoring the appointment of commissioners on our various commissions, and it seems that a small circle of people are appointed here, there, and everywhere. supervisors, as wise as you are, you must remember that we have many astute constituents in san francisco, and we need to give them opportunities so they can come into this commission and really work for the people. i go to these meetings. some of you all do not. it is a joke when we do not
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have any meaningful dialogue and everybody agrees because the mayor since a smoke signal and everybody agrees with what he wants to say -- because the mayor since -- because the mayor sends a smoke signal. we do not want jokers on commissions. we want good people. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. if we could now go to our adoption without committee reference calendar. >> items 29 through 34 are for adoption without committee reference. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. if a member requests discussion
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of an item, it shall be called separately and the matter discussed. supervisor chiu: any items to be discussed separately? supervisor daly: 32. supervisor chiu: yes, and i think we should also consider items 33 and 34 as well. could we call the roll on items 29, 30, and 31? >> on items 29, 30, and 31, avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. daly. aye dufty aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. alioto-pier aye. there are 11 ayes. supervisor chiu: those resolutions are adopted. item 32. >> item 32 is a motion that the
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board of supervisors hold a public hearing on december 7, 2010, to consider an acquisition of various real properties by eminent domain for the transbay transit center program. supervisor daly: i have an amendment, and you should have a copy of that at your desk. it does strike lines 10 and 11 on page two. it mentions benefited parcels block, burden parcels block 3721, lots numbers 109 through 118. supervisor chiu: supervisor daly has made a motion to amend, seconded by supervisor
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mirkarimi. without objection, the motion to amend passes. we could not take a roll-call vote on the underlying motion as amended. >> on item 32 as amended, avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. daly aye. dufty aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. maxwell aye. mirkarimi aye. alioto-pier aye. there are 11 ayes. supervisor chiu: motion is approved. could you call item 33? >> item 33 is a motion that the board of supervisors convene on november 23, 2010, to appoint a successor mayor has a committee. supervisor chiu: we have several
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items related to the eventual appointment of a successor mayor. i suggest we go -- we take item 33, and if it passes, we go into the public hearing. once we resolve those issues, we can consider item 34, whether we should start taking nominations and appoint a successor meier, and if that item passes, we can go into items 25 and 26. discussion on item 33? colleagues, can we do that same house/same call? without objection, this motion is approved? if we could now move to our 3:00 special order. madam clerk, could you please call items 23 and 24. >> items 23 and 24 comprise a special order at 3:00 p.m. the board of supervisors sitting as a committee as a whole. item 23 is a hearing to discuss the proposed motion to consider and approve a one-


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